YesPlz is an AI-powered startup, and its main products are Virtual Mannequin Filter and ChatGPT Fashion Stylist, an advanced fashion search tool for e-commerce sites. As a freelance designer, I worked with a product team to create ChatGPT Fashion Stylist, an AI-powered fashion styling service that helps users quickly find the fashion styles they seek via chatting. In this project, I designed prototypes, UI elements, and visual assets for onboarding to detail pages.

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The Challenge
Design an engaging and immersive digital experience, harnessing the capabilities of ChatGPT to deliver highly personalized recommendations aligned with users' individual styles and preferences.
The Outcome
ChatGPT Fashion Stylist, an intelligent conversational fashion search tool that swiftly suggests outfits and brand suggestions based on user preferences. By leveraging insights from previous interactions, it delivers personalized recommendations, curating a carefully selected range of products tailored to each individual user.
Online shoppers often struggle to find fashion pieces that truly match their taste and needs. The overwhelming number of options across multiple online stores can lead to hours of browsing and feeling overwhelmed. To address these challenges and create a satisfying shopping experience, ChatGPT Fashion Stylist utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze user data and interactions. This ensures that each recommendation is customized to the user's unique preferences. The aim is to provide a seamless and enjoyable user journey, enabling users to quickly explore and discover products, outfits, and brands that align with their distinct fashion sensibilities.
Observations & Insights:

Through qualitative usability testing, we learned the gap between the expectation for ChatGPT Fashion Stylist from our target to what the product offers at the moment. The product makes personalized suggestions to our users based on their previous activity. However, our users expected the product to suggest personalized experience from the onboarding stage. In the onboarding, ChatGPT Fashion Stylist suggested general prompt ideas, however, users were seeking personalized prompt suggestions, not the general ones. Hence, our team is working to implement fashion quizzes at the onboarding stage, to make personalized prompt suggestions as early as possible based on the pre-provided information through quizzes.