Kola is a habit-building app targeting young professionals aged between 20-30. It is a child product of Konolabs, an AI scheduling start-up. In this project, I was responsible for creating visual style guides, and prototyping interface interactions in Figma. To create a meaningful experience for our target users, together with a team consisting of PM and engineers, we conducted market research and target user interviews. Through the research, we established that our primary objectives of the app are based on our target audience's pain points. 1) Build new habits. 2)Track and manage time spent on new habits.

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The Challenge
Design an engaging and effective user experience that encourages users to establish and maintain new habits. The application needs to provide personalized and relevant content, implement effective habit-tracking features, and incorporate motivational elements such as reminders, rewards, and progress tracking.
The Outcome
Kola, a habit growing app that ensures seamless integration with the user's daily routine and providing ongoing support and guidance understanding user behavior, motivations, and barriers to habit formation.
In South Korea, the desire for work-life balance among the younger generations has been growing steadily. Since the implementation of the 52-hour work week in 2018 by the government, there has been a heightened aspiration for quality leisure time. Recognizing this shift, the Konolabs team conducted extensive business and user research, discovering the strong need for a platform that empowers young individuals to invest in their hobbies and personal growth. Hence, we proudly named our habit-growing app Kola, derived from "Kono Life Assistant." With Kola, we aim to support and guide users on their journey towards a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.
Insights & Observations:

Through user research, we found that our target users' need for habit growth is highly linked to their aspirations for career development and professional journey. Our users wanted to take their leisure time to invest in 1) training for promotion, 2)preparing for a career change, or 3) starting a side project. Given this insight, we recognized a new opportunity. Recognizing our users' needs, we updated our goal from helping our users to grow new habits to helping our users educate themselves.