Motion Design at Google Fiber
Motion Design at Google Fiber




Motion design


As a Multimedia Designer at Google Fiber, motion design was a core aspect of my role. Utilizing tools like After Effects, Figma, Animate, and Character Animator, I created a wide range of motion design assets from concept sketch to completion. These assets were seamlessly integrated into presentation decks, websites, and e-learning platforms. My motion design work not only elevated the visual appeal but also significantly enhanced the effectiveness of our educational materials, making complex information more accessible and engaging for our audience.

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The Challenge
One of the key challenges I faced was ensuring that my motion design work aligned with Google Fiber's brand identity while adapting the style to suit different purposes. For instance, when editing videos for executive leaders, I needed to create sophisticated motion design styles appropriate for high-level presentations. Conversely, when designing motion assets for learning content, I had to make them more playful and engaging to captivate the audience. To achieve this, I utilized different design tools based on each project’s requirements.
The Outcome
The executive leaders loved the motion design style that I came up with, and the animation I created for sales content received great feedback from sales leaders, making the understanding of sales pitches more engaging. Additionally, the challenge allowed me to experiment with various styles and tools, significantly enhancing my motion design skills.
The success of the motion design projects was achieved through a multi-iterative process, where feedback was crucial for refinement. For instance, an early executive video was adjusted to be less vibrant and more formal, while learning content required updates to make animations more relatable for sales reps. Additionally, feedback led to the inclusion of diversity and inclusiveness in the videos.

This motion design project taught me the importance of adaptability and the power of feedback in the creative process. Working with different teams helped me tailor designs to varied audiences, balancing creativity with brand consistency. I enhanced my technical skills with various animation tools and learned the value of iterative design, making me a more versatile and responsive designer.