Information Design at Google Fiber
Information Design at Google Fiber




Info design


As a Multimedia Designer at Google Fiber, I spearheaded several projects with a focus on information design. Within the Learning and Development team, I collaborated closely with content developers and subject matter experts to create hundreds of data visualization decks. These decks effectively communicated product information, sales strategies, and data analysis, enhancing understanding and engagement across the organization.

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The Challenge
The most challenging aspect of the project was grasping the intricacies of each assignment to create effective information designs. Clear and consistent communication with the content developer and stakeholders was essential. Often, my project partners would provide rough drafts that lacked clarity regarding the most critical information, making it difficult to discern key points from background details. Navigating these complexities required a keen eye for detail and a proactive approach to collaboration.
The Outcome
By establishing open lines of communication and asking targeted questions, I was able to extract the essential elements from each draft. This collaborative effort allowed me to design visually compelling and informative materials that effectively highlighted the most important concepts.
The final data visualization decks and wayfinding materials were well-received, significantly improving comprehension and engagement among the frontline sales teams. Our success in this project not only enhanced the overall quality of information delivery but also fostered a more cohesive and efficient workflow within the team.
Visualizing Complexity

I leveraged my skills in icon design and illustration to transform complex concepts into easily understood visuals. By incorporating brand colors, I ensured all visuals were aligned with Google Fiber's brand identity. My projects ranged from creating data visualization decks for the Executive Director to developing event planning wayfinding materials for the frontline sales team. This diverse portfolio underscores my ability to effectively communicate intricate information through visually cohesive and brand-consistent designs.